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Additional Information

Club Banking

Once your club has been approved by the Clubs Steering Committee, you will be notified by email and your club will then be able to open or reactivate a Bursar's account.

If your club has an outside bank account, that account needs to be closed in order to move the funds to a Bursar's account. Please have the check made payable in the club name (for example: Caltech Stenography Club). Checks should not be made payable to an individual.

The Bursar's account will need a separate Treasurer and President for signatory purposes.

Club Membership and Leadership

All clubs are open to all currently-registered undergraduate and graduate students ("students"). Other members of the Caltech community, such as staff, faculty, spouses and JPL staff, may participate in Club activities as affiliates. As such, they may not assume officer or other leadership positions.

Clubs must maintain at least a 60/40% ratio of student members to affiliate members. If the Club falls below this threshold, it may lose recognition during the academic year.